For Parents

How do I book appointment from caninetrovert ?

  • Choose the desired service(Boarding, Vet, Grooming Parlor, Dog Walking) from the search box.
  • Select the service attribute ("size of your dog" in case of boarding, "number of dogs, number of walks" in case of dog walking), click on search.
  • Browse through the various profile of hosts and select the best suited one.
  • Click on Book Appointment/Request Reservation.

how do I get connected to Boarder and Dog walker ?

Once the host has accepted your request and you have paid for the service, you will be provided his/her contact details via email/message for further discussion.

In case of Boarding and Walking, is caninetrovert safe for my pet ?

For sure, the host with us are verified, experienced and truly dog lovers who are dedicated to give personalized care and attention when they socialize with other pets at home or while at walking. Caninetrovert is strictly against the kennels and cages for keeping pets.

Can I cancel my request/appointments ?

Yes, you can. In case of requests sent for the service, cancel those requests as soon as possible as the host may have kept his/her time for you. Also mail us for the same.

How much time will it take to get a boarder/walker ?

Maximum it may take 2-3 days for a host(Boarder & Walker only) to respond your request as they may not be present at that time to immediately give response for the same. But we will try to reduce the waiting time and get the things organized. We advise you to start your search in advance to avoid last minute rush.

For Host

How to become a host ?

You can create your profile by clicking on "Become Host" on home screen, then followed by your interest and industry you need to fill the form. Once your submit your information we will get back to you for verification. When verified, you will be found in search results. Your sign up is totally free.

What is the payment procedure ?

The payment will be transferred to your personal bank account once the service is offered and completed by you. In case of any assistance regarding payment processing, you can always contact us.

Can I cancel the reservation ?

Yes you may cancel the reservation, but cancelling it in last hour will interrupt the planned schedule of the parents and lead you to having bad reviews, also it may attract the penalty. We advise you to choose the booking wisely with taking care of the priorities you may have.

Do I need to provide any document as a part of verification ?

Yes, you need to provide us any government approved ID proof and an address proof. It may include aadhar card, driving license, passport, voter ID card.

What if there is an emergency occurs ?

At first, we strongly recommend hosts to be aware of the special needs/allergies of the pet from the pet parents as to avoid the emergency situations. But in case of such events, we will be there to help you finding vets in the nearby area. You must take the pet to the vet and get him treated. The compensation incurred in the process can be claimed by you from the pet parent.